Does your business depend on connectivity? Do you need to assess risk or improve connectivity experience? Are you thinking about Wi-Fi and Mobile connectivity? Our expert insights can help you

Connectivity Insights Service

Does your business depend on connectivity? Do you need to assess risk or improve connectivity experience? Ask us about how our expert insights can help ‚Äč

Remote Work Assessment

Is your business ready to work from home? This remote work assessment quickly surveys your staff to find the risks which home connectivity, legacy business systems and support have...

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Visual Network

Do you need to understand more about how people are getting connected? Would you like your network data in an interactive form. Try out our free 1-day insight service...

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Specialist Tools

Would you like to understand more about how phones switch between Wi-Fi and mobile networks? We’ve created specialist tools and analysers to do that for you. Find out more....

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More than ever, connectivity is critical

In 2020 we have all transformed in how we use and rely on good connectivity

As a result of COVID-19, the need for good connectivity surpasses the availability. Not everyone has a decent broadband connection and only a small percentage of the population have high bandwidth fibre services. Getting great Wi-Fi throughout the home is always a challenge and many providers expect us to pay for extenders. Homes, businesses and service providers all need to rethink their connectivity strategy so the time is right to asses.
  • Home Networking is OK but it could be better
  • Many businesses may not need as much capacity in the office and think about how to help home workers instead
  • Public venues are wondering if their Wi-Fi network is good enough. Should they invest in Wi-Fi upgrades?
Now is the time to assess your network, apps and how you support home workers. We can help you do that using decades of expertise and specialist home grown tools and processes which cannot be found elsewhere. If you are thinking of getting advice on connectivity development and deployment strategies. Get in touch to find out how.

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