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Remote Work Assessment

Is your business ready to work from home? This remote work assessment quickly surveys your staff to find the risks which home connectivity, legacy business systems and support have on remote working.

Support long term working from home. With confidence

Remote Work assessment

Find out about the impacts and risks of slow broadband, bad home Wi-Fi, remote support, VPNs, cloud storage and collaboration tools on the productivity of your staff. Understand how to make remote working right for you. ​

Assess The Home Working Risks

Do you want to keep staff working from home?

Supporting home working during lockdown has involved temporary measures and for some, a lot of new processes and tools. How do you turn this into a long term arrangement with minimal risk and low cost?

Home Connectivity Concerns?

Many are expected to continue to work from home. Finding out the long term connectivity risks can help avoid embarrassing disruptions

Lockdown IT Bills Not Sustainable?

The cost of all those collaboration tools, VPN connections & networking bills all add up. Is the spend going to the right places?


Did you increase the number of collaboration tools you use? Move everything to the cloud? Have you got the right systems? What do staff think?

Easy Online Survey

Take the Survey. We will do the rest.

PDF Report ● Dynamic Data Visualisation ● Anonymous ● Private
Quick Answers ● Cost Saving Insights

Home Connectivity Assessment

Find the areas of risk. Make the right changes now

Pinpoint Homeworking IT Risks ● Support Employees Connectivity
Re-prioritise Network Spend

IT Health Check

Evaluate and score your IT and Business Systems.

Home Working Hardware ● Cloud Software ● Local Software ● Home Connectivity
Business Systems ● Collaboration

Spotlight on Change

Measure how your business is changing - and adapt

Travel vs Virtual ● Optimise Collaboration● Simplify Processes

Assess your Home Network
Are you going to be working from home for a while? Take the home network test now.

Many businesses are moving towards longer term home working. Don't struggle with bad in-home connectivity.

This free assessment will help you understand where your home network might benefit from a little extra help so you can do your job without the worry of network problems.

Is your broadband sufficient?
Have you got good in-home Wi-Fi?
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The BBC report that many homes just do not have sufficient quality for remote work, especially if multiple people are trying to work from home. With the children using online learning and multiple video calls going on at the same time, there may be issues getting a consistent and reliable connection.

YouGov reveals that a third of Brits (35%) are experiencing worse internet performance than they did pre-lockdown, with 7% saying their household connection is “much worse” than before. This might impact a business desire to effectively work from home. Taking this remote work assessment will reveal the impact to your business

Why do this now?

COVID-19 forced unprecedented change. Now it's time to incorporate that into your future.

As lockdowns were introduced, organisations had to respond rapidly to support homeworking.  As countries are coming out of lockdown now is a good time to take stock and quantify what impact working from home has had on:

Work will not be returning to the way it was any time soon so now is the time to take advantage of the changes you have made and optimise them for the longer term.

Numerous Networks combines the knowledge from hand selected experts in Networking, IT, Security and Business Analysis to help you make this change.

All you need to do is roll out our survey to your staff and we will do the rest, providing you with a detailed report, an interactive dashboard/drill capability and a 1 hour consultation to help address the issues found.

A unique assessment of IT and Connectivity, devised by industry experts to aid the post-COVID work environment

Ben Toner

Ben is the CEO and Founder of Numerous Networks. He has over 20 years experience in telecommunications systems, with the last 10 years spent in the world of Wi-Fi and the associated user experience. He has helped many network operators to understand how to use mobile and Wi-Fi together for the best user experience (known as convergnece). With a passion for visualising network data, he helps businesses understand and present connectivity data to C-level stakeholders. Throughout his career he has provided consultancy, solutions and capability to BT, Comcast, Vodafone, T-Mobile, Reliance Jio and many more

Peter Bowen

Peter Bowen is a Numerous Networks associate with more than 20 years experience in the telecoms industry. He has carried out IT reviews for Chase, Atlantic Partners and other investment houses and helped system and service providers with their product and service roadmaps. Peter has hands on experience of managing a wide range of projects and programmes including CRM and billing system selection and implementations, datacentre moves and new service launches. As a consultant his telecoms clients included BT, Vodafone, Virgin, MTN, Ooredoo, Saudi Telecom and many others.

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