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Specialist Tools

Would you like to understand more about how phones switch between Wi-Fi and mobile networks? We’ve created specialist tools and analysers to do that for you. Find out more.

Listen to your devices

Devices are complex and they all work differently. Did you ever wonder how an iPhone makes decisions on your network? Ask us about how we evaluate Wi-Fi and mobile network decisions using device logs.

Experts in Convergence

Do you need to understand or manage how devices move between Wi-Fi and Mobile

Devices, today, use both the Mobile and Wi-Fi networks at the same time. They have complicated algorithms for selecting when to select Wi-Fi and some use “bonding” or network convergence to use all available networks at the same time.

Getting a good user experience from this behaviour can be tough but we’re here to help. We’ve been helping mobile operators around the world to make sense of this and now we can bring this to you.
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