Inspiring Network Convergence

Find out what your devices are telling you

Devices are complex.  We need to listen to them

Detailed device logs tells the User's story

Simply walk testing with professional tools is not enough to tell you how devices are responding and connecting to your Wi-Fi network.

Capturing detailed logs and analyzing them using the Numerous Networks pattern analysis and log segmentation techniques reveals why devices make their choices. As each manufacturer overlays extra intellegence and quality checking, this detail cannot be ignored.

Use the interactive Example

Have a look through a processed log to see Siri using MPTCP on iOS.

Logs are analysed to find network selection decisions to fully understand how major devices use Wi-Fi and cellular connections in your network

If the points below are causing you trouble then contact us.

  • You want to know more about the actual devices in your network and cannot get the information from your monitoring apps
  • Reports from OpenSignal, Ookla, P3 (and others) are telling you there are issues and you need to know more
  • You would like an expert to capture logs (and teach you how) and perform an independent analysis
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