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We help innovators and developers create better wireless networking experiences. 

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A 1 hour consultation

Idea test drive
A 1 hour session to test drive your idea
  • Expert feedback
  • Avoid connectivity pitfalls
  • Brainstorm new use cases

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Work From Home
A 1 hour advice session
  • Overview of Work From Home connectivity
  • Surveying staff
  • Improving Work From Home

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Network Convergence
A 2 hour advice session
  • Intro to network convergence
  • How Wi-Fi, mobile and fixed-line can be used together
  • How can you use convergence

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Improving Wi-Fi
A 2 hour advice session
  • Intro Wi-Fi technologies, standards and implementations
  • Answer your Wi-Fi questions and performance concerns

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Research & Analysis

Making sense of connectivity

Innovation Support

Bringing ideas to life

Mobile Connectivity

Better mobile experiences

An outside view on your ideas

Do you have a new idea or in the throws of creating something new? Do you want to expand your connected products but need some external input?

Achieving good connected products can be complex. We have the expertise, knowledge and approach to help you.

We are Connectivity Enthusiasts

with a passion for Wi-Fi

Connectivity has gone through a huge transformation in recent years. Today, nearly every connected personal device out there depends on either Wi-Fi, 4G and 5G, yet the connectivity experience as devices move around is still less than perfect. 

At Numerous Networks we provide expert advice, research, development and support to clients who want to offer the best connectivity experience - whether at home, in the office, or on the go. 


Working together to deliver state of the art research, advice and consultancy in all aspects of mobile connectivity.

Research & Analysis

We carry out research into telecommunications trends, specialising in the user experience of connectivity, particularly where multiple network services are available.

Free training material to help mobile service providers and equipment vendors understand the convergence of mobile, Wi-Fi and fixed networks.

Optimizing Wi-Fi 6E networks for Apple Devices

In this blog, we lift the lid on the network selection algorithms Apple are using and reveal how it navigates all the available networks to make a selection choice. If you want to know how to setup your Wi-Fi network to be favoured by Apple devices and ensure you get the most out of your new 6GHz capability, then read on.

Network convergence: How to deliver a seamless experience

How can multiple access technologies (4G, 5G, Wi-Fi, fixed line) be used together to deliver a resilient, optimised and consistent experience of network quality and coverage? An introduction to the landscape, opportunities and challenges in providing a single user experience across multiple networks.

6GHz Wi-Fi

This review on 6GHz was written for Omnisperience. The article can also be seen here. On 24 April 2020 the industry gathered to discuss Wi-Fi 6E – the next ‘game changer’ in the Wi-Fi industry. Organised by Wi-Fi NOW and headlined by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai, this...

Masterclass at WiFi Now 2019

Convergence Masterclass at Wi-Fi Now Our first masterclass on Network Convergence was given at Wi-Fi Now 2019 on London. The material covered an introduction to convergence; providing all the essential information on how service providers can bring Mobile, Wi-Fi and...

Tools of the trade

We support our research and innovation through the creation of custom tools.

We have built the capability to look into the depths of mobile device behaviours when selecting and using wireless networks.


The only tool available to explore how iPhones really connect to your network

Hamina Network Planner

Wi-Fi designs for your next venue project


Better Mobile Connectivity

Many mobile apps will eventually exhibit a bad experience when the device is on a slow network, or moving between multiple networks such as cellular and Wi-Fi.

Don't let your user experience suffer from connectivity issues. Call us for a free consultation.

Connectivity Analysis

 Connectivity Analysis will test and document the performance of your application in challenging connectivity scenarios, and provide you with suggestions to make improvements

Mobile Convergence

In many scenarios, there is a large advantage to combining cellular and Wi-Fi together. Mobile Convergence will demonstrate such benefits to your app and provide implementation advice

Product Enhance

We understand that many app teams do not have the time or expertise to deal with all the potential connectivity use cases.  Product enhance will create use cases, flows, tests and code ready for use in your product.

Our Innovation 
Process & Workflow.

It can be hard to find the time to properly nurture your ideas. Sometimes a bit of external input is just what is needed to get the ball rolling.

Our process is setup specifically to help busy companies get their idea off the starting blocks. Try our 10-day review service to map your idea into viable options, teasing out the unique value and setting it apart from existing solutions. Add our prototyping service to demo your idea and get full buy in.

Concept Mapping

Turning early-stage ideas into a viable concepts.


Nurture innovation and tease out game-changing product ideas.


Deep dive into existing solutions & draw out the differentiators.


Prove it quickly or fail fast. Demo the strength of your idea.

App Developers

If you want to learn how you can get faster speeds and improve performance even when the network is slow, get in touch.


Do you need to get better connectivity into your new game-changing product. Let us help you.

Telco Innovators

Are you innovating new products. Ask us about our innovation support services.


Do you need to tap into the pulse on home connectivity, Wi-Fi and the co-existence with mobile at home and about. We can help.

Let's Work Together

We've spent years learning and innovating connected technologies and we want to share that with you.

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