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Consultancy and Design for Better Connectivity

Is your organisation prepared for longer term remote work?

Unreliable home broadband?
Security Concerns?
Our simple 15 minute employee survey will help you understand where your work from home risks are.

Conectivity Analysis

Guest analyst, specialist connectivity research, masterclasses and training services for all things Wi-Fi and convergence. To see coverage and videos on 3GPP convergence, Wi-Fi 6 and 6GHz spectrum, read on.


Does your business depend on connectivity? Do you need to assess risk or improve connectivity experience? Are you thinking about Wi-Fi and Mobile connectivity? Our expert insights can help you

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Connectivity has been classified as one of the most critical needs of the modern day.

Numerous Networks consultancy can help ensure you get the best from your connectivity needs in the home, on mobile devices and for your mobile applications.

Broadband and Home Wi-Fi

Home broadband has become essential, especially since lockdown. The "Work From Home" culture leaves no room for slow broadband or bad Wi-Fi issues.

We can help you assess, de-risk and understand home connectivity

Mobile Networking

Mobile Networks must deliver a consistent and seamless multi-network experience. Avoiding unwanted interruptions in connectivity is a challenge.

We can help you assess and improve the impact of network changes

Application Development

It's hard work and expensive to make sure your application performs well in all network conditions. Don't leave your customer experience to chance.

We can help you harden your application to perform well in all network scenarios

We have worked with many global Network Operators, Cable Service Providers and Wi-Fi first service providers to provide better connectivity experiences