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Mobile devices all connect to Wi-Fi networks differently. The performance of iPhones and iPads are notoriously hard to measure.

Until now!

nOversight will measure and assess your Wi-Fi network for iPhones and iPads, give you a performance score and direct you towards the problem areas.

It is now easy to develop and maintain the very best iPhone connectivity experiences. And you can do it all yourself at very low cost.

Connection Dashboards

Your device's network connection information - presented simply

All the information about your mobile device's connected networks are available in the standard logs but are very difficult to decipher (and there is often conflicting information). This is especially true for iPhone WiFi. The connection dashboards extract the relevant information and present it to you in real-time.

Wi-Fi Handovers

Fix Wi-Fi roaming issues. Prevent calls dropping while in your building?

Mobile devices select and change networks using complex algorithms. Any wireless network design needs a device assessment to truly understand how connection changes impact the real user experience. The handover monitor presents all the information you need to understand why your device selects and roams between Wi-Fi.

Session History

Device connection history - all in one place

The session history provides a simple overview of all the network changes your device has been making. Now you can really see what devices do as they move throughout your site.

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System Requirements

nOversight is currently available for MacOS and will display iPad and iPhone WiFi and general network information. The Apple automation tools (cfgutil) are needed to connect to your mobile device. nOversight will guide you through this process but Admin rights will be needed to complete the install.
  • MacOS 10.15 or later
  • iPhone running iOS 14 or iPad running iPadOS 14
  • Admin rights (to install the Apple automation tools)


Single User
  • Record & Playback your devices joining and roaming Wi-Fi

  • View Device Connections
  • • Current WiFi connection
  • • Current Cell connection
  • • Session tracking (5-minute period)
  • • View WiFi entry/exit and roaming details
  • Export Connection History

  • • Scroll connection history
  • • Export PDF
  • • Export/Import sessions (Coming soon)
  • Insights (available Q2 2021)
  • • Datapath / Multipath
  • • Application network usage
  • Buy Pro Now!


  • Assess and track connectivity performance in your enterprise

  • Includes: All Pro features
  • + Multi-device assessments

  • • Multiple simultaneous devices
  • • Combine assessments
  • • Professional support services
  • Available Q2 2021

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Is this an iOS app?
No. This is a log analyser application which runs on a Mac device and requires an iPhone or iPad to be connected to the Mac via USB The difficulty with iPhones and iPads is that there are no APIs available to show how they make network selection decisions. nOversight overcomes that by allowing you to analyse the available logs on a Mac device
Is this available for Windows?

No. Not at this time

nOversight is currently only available for MacOS 10.15 and later

Can I upgrade from Basic to Pro

Yes. If you have purchased the Basic version, you will be provided with a discount voucher for Pro.

When your Pro subscription ends, you will revert back to Basic.

Will the app be updated regularly


All versions of nOversight are eligible for updates. Upon launch, you will be prompted to allow nOversight to automatically check for updates.

Log analysis requires constant updates to track changes to the logs which the OS produce. Feedback from users will also help to develop the application and squash bugs.

How good is the output?

The analysis is only as good as the logs coming out of the device. Devices can get into states where some log messages are pruned, sometimes causing missing information in the nOversight display. In most cases, this can be detected and a reconnection of the device will restore full functionality.

Every effort has been taken to capture and combine information from various log sources to create a robust output.

I'm in charge of a Wi-Fi network. How will this help me

Understanding device behaviours in large Wi-Fi networks has been a challenge, until now.

Good Wi-Fi network designs follow well-known design rules, and are measured using professional equipment. But many devices will use undocumented internal algorithms to make network selection choices.

With nOversight you can walk-test devices in your network, allowing you to easily observe their network behaviours and tune your network for the best user experience. If you are looking to understand iPhone experiences in your network, nOversight will help you.

I'm an app developer. How will this help me?

Getting the right user experience in a changing network environment can be hard

Most apps need to be online to exchange real-time data. Developers are often faced with creating complicated tests to evaluate the performance of their application in changing network environments.

nOversight allows you to understand network changes and the way the device responds. Together with customisation services, your test environment can be enhanced to understand exactly how your apps work on iPhones & iPads in changing network environments.

Can I get more information from the logs

nOversight is a log extraction utility which can be expanded to provide more extracted intelligence. If your information is in the log, it can be extracted and presented for you

Get in touch to request custom log extraction.

Do I need to upgrade my WiFi network?

If you have performance issues, you may want to call in a professional to help you assess and redesign. Contact us to see how nOversight can provide the essential information you need, and if you need extra help, we can organise that for you too.

You can also try taking our free self-help home WiFi assessment here

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